Our Story

Having travelled to her parents beautiful home island of Jamaica for the first time as a child, Dawn, The Cane Press founder, was introduced to sugarcane​.

It was not an unfamiliar sight to see local street vendors and their hatchet like knives theatrically peeling tall stalks of sugarcane and “chopping it up” before being presented with a clear bag filled to the brim with several yellow/white glistening sugarcane sticks.


Back at her grandparents home in downtown Kingston, Dawn would sit on the veranda in the afternoon heat chomping away on the sugarcane to release the sweet sap.

Through her continued travels as an adult to other regions of the Caribbean and parts of Latin America, Dawn realised chewing sugarcane and drinking sugarcane juice under the sweltering tropical sun was a daily ritual amongst the locals. Not to mention just how refreshing it was poured over ice, with a squeeze of lime and a hint of ginger.


​Happy to make this part of her daily routine whilst travelling and after much jaw ache from chomping down on the solid stalks of cane, Dawn questioned how she could bring this taste of the tropics back to the UK with her.

Once back in the UK, and after destroying the blades on two very expensive juicers in an attempt to recreate her own version of sugarcane juice, it was soon realised that a more robust, heavy duty machine would be needed to do the job.

And as simple as that The Cane Press' first juicing machine was sourced and bought within weeks. That's when all the juicing fun really began!